Writing an Admission Essay
An admission essay is a written statement of purpose for getting an admission in a college, institute or university. It is used by admission committees to assess the motivation, knowledge, intellect and readiness of an applicant pursuing for the admission. It is a vital component of an admission process and plays a key role in deciding whether an applicant should be accepted or rejected. Following are the five things that an applicant must do while writing an admission essay;

Do Your Homework:
Browse through the website, brochures, prospectus and booklets of the institute and program you are applying to. Highlight the aspects of the program that appeal you and you are interested in. Browse faculty profiles and read publication names and areas of interests of the faculty members. Highlight faculty members that match your area of interest and read their publications. If you are applying for a research degree you may have to get in touch with a faculty member and persuade him to supervise you for the research module. This depends upon the requirement of the program and university you are applying to. You can meantime, buy essay online if you need to get help from someone.

Brainstorm to find answers to these questions;
  1. What were the major moments in your life that have led you to your current research interest? 
  2. Why are you applying to a particular school, degree and institute?
  3. Why do you think your admission is important for your career and how?
  4. What are your career goals?
  5. Where do you see yourself in next 5-10 years?
  6. What do you want to accomplish?
  7. What is the motivation behind you pursuit?

Outline your Statement of Purpose:
From the brainstorming exercise, you should be able to determine dominating aspects or theme that led you to apply for the admission. Make an outline of your statement based on those aspects and themes. Incorporate questions mentioned in the brainstorming exercise into your outline. You can incorporate more specific questions related to your research interest and future prospects. Put things in the outline that excites you and really belong to you, don’t make up stories.

Write a Draft of your Essay:
When writing your application essay always use positive language when referring to yourself. Start with a strong and to the point opening sentence defining why are you writing the statement and what you want to achieve through it. Give concise examples while relating to your interests, ambitions and pursuits. Use transition sentences to relate between paragraphs and to attract the attention of the reader. The structure of your essay should be formal and clear. Use whitespaces and line spacing to increase readability. Do not use repetitive sentences or words. Use simple and easy language and stay within the limits prescribed by the admission committee (usually 2-3 ages). Conclude your essay by thanking the admission committee for their time and remind them that you are hoping for a positive response.

Review and Edit Your Essay for Correction:
After writing the draft review it and look for any grammatical, structural, spelling or other mistakes so that you may improve dissertation paper. Read it out loud to yourself again and again to make it as concrete and smooth as possible. After you are done reviewing it yourself take it to your friends, colleagues and teachers for critique. Try taking critique from those who have a relevant experience. Edit your draft according to the considerations proposed in the critique of others. In the end write a fair and final version of your admission essay.