There are two main fields in education, these include arts and sciences. It has been generally believed that the career opportunities are much better for the science students. They can become doctors, or well-known engineers. However, when it comes to the careers of the arts students it has been seen that it is believed that the career opportunities are much lesser. This is not true. Unlike the careers of the sciences students, it has been seen that there are many careers for the arts students as well. 
 It has been seen that the science education is different from arts education. It often becomes a tougher decision to choose arts subjects after matriculation. In these cases, it is seen that the career opportunities arises for those who are more ambitious about it. The more determined a person is, the greater are the opportunities for that student.

One of the main courses for the arts students is BA. The students of this course can either go for MA and can apply for jobs. Some of the main jobs for these students are in the administrative section, teaching, and banking and in schools. Thesearts students can apply in any area that requires the education of being a graduate.

The second most important degree that has gained much attention in the modern days is B. Ed. This is the degree in education. It helps the students learn the skills of teachingat various levels. There are various higher levels of education that are available after this degree. One can easily find jobs and careers in the teaching paths. In addition, it has been seen that there are various government based jobs that also require B.Ed.

One of the most interesting fields that haverecently emerged is the hotel management. As the name suggests, this is the degree that is more job oriented. The students who enroll in thisdegree are the ones who want to pursue the career of hotel and tourism management. One of the main areas that can be covered for finding the job includes tourism sector, hotels and restaurants. There is no doubt that these sectors pay their employees very well. In these cases, there is a need that as the education and the degree of hotel management is being completed, the skills are polished. The greater the skills, the greater are the chances that better jobs can be found.

Next comes law. This is one of the highest paid arts based jobs. The lawyers have as much respect power and respect as any other engineer or doctor. When law is studied, there is much that is learned by the students. When in practice, the lawyers have much more to learn. One of the main prospects that the lawyers earn is that they can open and run their own law firms.

Business management is also one of the strongest of arts based courses. The students of business management earn heavy. They are employed as human resource managers or business managers. The arts students are very successful depending on the skills and consistency.