The assignment is a piece of writing that student writes especially, as a part of studies. A well-written assignment can give you good grades. You should write perfect assignments if you want to pass an assignment in one go. Here are five important rules that you must follow if you want to pass an assignment in one go. An assignment plays an important role in your examination. You should focus on the main five parts of an assignment if you want to pass an assignment in one go. The main five parts are an introduction, main body, some examples, the correct analysis, and the conclusion. You must follow these rules in five parts of assignments.

Five important rules
1.    Attend your all classes
You should attend all your classes if you want to pass an assignment in one go. Here are several reasons why you should attend all your classes:
·         Absorb classroom material
·         Make presence known/participate
·         Earn attendance points
·         Do not forget to sit close to the front
2.    Research well
The most important thing that matters in an assignment is its content. It is the whole basis of your assignments writing and cannot be compromised at any cost. Make sure that your research is accurate and apt. Stick to your topic and do not stray away from the main points. Always remember to write only the information that is required and avoid all the unnecessary texts. Use credible sources for your research like libraries, books, previously written papers by subject experts, etc. You should give importance to the best content.
3.    Write well introduction
You should write a good introduction if you want to pass an assignment in one goes. The first impression proves the last impression. You need to make sure that your introduction grabs the intention of the readers. In the introduction, you need to provide your readers with all basic information. You should write the introduction is such a way that it should leave a lasting impact on the minds of readers. A good introduction is sure to impress all your tutors.
4.    The main body
The main body of an assignment is just like the filling in a sandwich. You should write a substantial body to achieve good grades. A good body will give you good grades in your assignment. You need to make sure that all the data you put in the body is completely relevant to the topic. You should write the main points in the body of an assignment. 
5.    Conclusion, edit and proofread
The last rule is the best an effective conclusion. You should write good conclusions if you want to pass an assignment in one go. The last and final segment is the conclusion. You can conclude by giving your end statement in a very simplified manner. You should proofread your assignment in order to gain good marks.
Look at the big picture
·         Confirm your assignment against the marking timetable as well as the question.
·         Is the structure correct?
·         Is your assignment well presented?