Dissertation Conferences
Dissertation conference will be held on 17 January 2020. The final year students can present their dissertation ideas that are related to English Literature, Media Production, Sociology, Psychosocial Studies, Criminology, Journalism and Landscape History. It is the best opportunity to present their unique dissertation ideas and gain feedback from the team of panel constituents.

By sharing their ideas, students will get feedback. These instructions and feedback will be most advantageous in their final exams. Along with that, students will get information about other degree programs that they can join in their future. The main purpose of the conference is to provide dissertation help to students and improve their presentation as well as communication skills. By developing their productive skills, students will be able to get their masters degrees easily.

The dissertation conference has the following objectives:
  • Giving an opportunity to participate in research instructions and getting feedback
  • Establishing a supportive community and discussing dissertation research stages
  • Students can share and stimulate their area of interest
  • Dissertation conference will support to the new generation to reflect their critical thinking

In the dissertation conference, PhD students will be able to give a presentation on their interesting subjects. It will give you experience, peer-feedback and panel discussion. In this conference, students will be selected on the quality of their thesis direction and presentation. The students’ applications will be selected according to the following criteria,
  • Stage of research
  • Evidence of research progress
  • Assessment of contribution
  • Clarity and competence
Students, who want to participate in dissertation conference 2020, should follow all the application instructions that are given below.
  • Write a one-page summary and put down your future plans as well as the date to progress
  • Conduct a two pages CV in which highlight your contact information. Write your experience that is related to education and employment. Make a list of the research results that you have got after the date of publication. Give title and share journals in which you are interested.
  • Write your personal statement that is based on one-page. Explain your purpose and aim to participate in the dissertation conference.
  • Conduct deep research and write an important issue of the dissertation. Keep in mind that your question should be authentic that you can ask in the dissertation conference in order to get accurate information about it. Discuss your interaction for the PhD students.
  • At the last application, you should write a concise statement about your supervisor instruction. Also, show your experience that how much you have learned from the instructions of your supervisor. Explain how your supervisor’ instruction gives you the motivation to participate in dissertation conference.
  • Keep in mind that your application should be single PDF form and you have followed all the points that we have described above. There is no specific format style is settled, so, you are free to choose your favorite formatting style. You can select 11pt and reasonable margins.