10 Top Countries with Most Students
Statistics report that during 2017-18, about 458,490 international students were studying in the UK at its big and medium-sized educational institutes which makes it about 19.6% of the total student population living in the UK at that time. It was found that 14% of all the students studying in the UK were undergraduates while 35.8% were postgraduates.

For years, the UK has been one of the most popular destinations for international students who have been coming here for getting degrees in the fields of their choice. UK is only behind the US that attracts a larger number of students from other parts of the world. The research reports by a cheap dissertation writing service say that 90% of international graduates studying in the UK were satisfied with the learning experience they received at the university, while 80% were satisfied or very satisfied with the support they received during their time in the UK and 82% think that their UK degree was worth the money they were spending on their education.

Data collected in 2016 also shows that the UK is without any doubt the second most popular destination in the world and a haven for international students with so much to offer them. However, it has been found that the UK has been noticing a drop in the international students which was 0.5% in 2015 but was found to be 0.3% in 2016 but the popularity of the UK colleges and universities remains the same with most of them inviting students from all over the world most efficiently.

Top 10 Nationalities With Their Students In The UK:
The data being used here is the one that was collected by UK Counsel for International Students Affairs during the year 2017-18. Ever since it was founded in 1968, the UK Council for International Student Affairs has been working hard to support the international students the best way it can as well as helping the institutes and the organizations that host these students so that they can work for mutual benefits and enjoy learning to achieve their goals.

China tops the list of all those countries that have most of their students enrolled in the various colleges and universities of the UK. There were around 106,530 students at the time this data was collected which goes on to show the largest number of students living in a foreign land studying for their degrees. There was a time when Chinese students were reluctant to go out and study abroad due to the language barrier as well as other political issues but over time, the influx of Chinese students in the UK shows their interest and awareness regarding the education system here.

The second country on the list is India that has 19, 750 students registered in various colleges and universities across the UK. Indians prefer to go out for professional education, especially those who can afford it as they know the significance and value of the degrees they have obtained in the UK and how it can help them secure better jobs not only in their country but other parts of the world too.

US is the third country on the list with 18,885 students enrolled in various academic institutes all over the UK. Even though the US has some of the best colleges and universities, yet many students prefer to come to the UK and seek education and degrees in various disciplines from old and prestigious institutes. Hong Kong has 16,350 students enrolled in the UK while Malaysia is the fifth country that has the highest number of students coming here for their undergraduate as well as postgraduate students.

Nigeria is the sixth country in the list of top 10 countries that have the most number of students registered in various parts of the UK in their colleges and universities with Saudi Arabia following it with 7,950 students. The educational system in Saudi Arabia was not considered very efficient in the past which is the main reason people from this region prefer to go abroad for studies and UK is the best choice for them with its prestigious institutes.

Singapore and Thailand are the eighth and ninth countries in the list with 7,020 and 6,270 students respectively living in the UK for academic purposes. Students come from as far as Asia to study in the UK as they know all about the quality education content and multicultural experience they will get here. The last one on the list is Canada with only 6,180 students enrolled in academic institutes across the UK as Canada has the best educational system itself and only students seeking particular degrees or specializations go abroad.

The UK is without any doubt the best place for students to come for quenching their thirst for knowledge and education. The above mentioned are the countries that have thousands of students coming here for their degrees while many other countries still have to make their way here for this purpose.