Failure in Research Papers
Research papers require a lot of time and effort for their completion. From choosing a suitable topic to drawing positive results, students work very hard and do their best to finalize their task on time. Stress is an inevitable factor of such projects while students work under pressure during the completion of their task; it becomes very difficult for them to cope with negative results.

When working on research papers by hiring a dissertation writing service, students use a great deal of time in research work, collecting data for their papers, arranging the information, highlighting their findings and drawing suitable conclusion. Students often sacrifice their social life and other activities when working on these papers. After this drudgery and labour most of the students do not prepare themselves for listening to the words “You will have to do it again”. Failure in research papers lead students to depression which results in committing suicide in many cases. There are many underlying factors that are responsible of suicide among the students after failing in research projects.

An adequate number of students cannot handle the failure because they have never experienced it before. They are not ready to accept the fact that failure is a part of learning process. They have worked hard at every stage of their academic career and achieved the desired results. They are unable to resolve the consequences that come with failure. Negative thoughts overcome their minds and anxiety becomes a part of their lives. These thoughts make it difficult for them to control their emotions and often become responsible of bad mental health. This depressed state of mind highlights death as the only solution to their problems and most often the students choose to do so.

Expectations of family and friends are another influential factor that makes it difficult to handle the stress that comes with failure. Students believe that their failure in research paper will become a source of embarrassment in front of their family and friends. They have worked day and night to conclude their task but the negative results have ruined their labour and now there is nothing they can do about their awkward situation. They cannot share their feelings with family or friend which results in psychological issues that lead to suicide in many cases. Family has to play a role here to get their dear ones out of depression. They need to support the individuals by expressing their belief in the capabilities of their loved one and help them to handle the situation with positive attitude.

Many students are emotionally weak and after a lot of hard work on a research project they are unable to cope with the failure. A few harsh words from professors, family members or friends can put them into drastic mental health conditions. You should not turn your back on such students they need your help. Devise best possible ways to help them tackle their failure and provide support to them so that they do not have to think of the worst possibilities to handle their situation.

It is true that increasing the quality of educational system is among the influential factors in a country’s progress but this educational system should not become a battlefield where failure is considered equal to death. Negative results and failure in research paper lead an individual to think that as he is not able to achieve his goals he will end up with a prolonged degree program that would have some drastic effects on his personal, social and professional lives. Students who fail in research paper often think that they will never become a part of this fast-paced life with these capabilities and thus decide to end their life. 

Universities often demand expensive fees to enroll in their degree programs. Many students work part time jobs to meet their expenses. They are already in distress because of their economic condition and when they fail, they believe that all of their expenditures and the time used to complete their work got wasted because of their inabilities. They are not able to achieve success in any field of life and as a result they ascend to take the wrong decisions for themselves.

Competition in the field of education and professional lives is very tough but this does not mean that if you have failed a research paper you will never get success again. Remember that failure is the first step to success. You have failed a research paper but discover new ways to look into a subject. You have learned new ideas and skills while working on the paper. Failure in research paper does not signify that you are a failure at everything. Rather it provides you chances to flourish and progress.