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We are living in the technological world. There are some helpful as well as harmful impacts of technology in our lives. Now, it's up to you to use the technology for your benefits. Most of the students waste their time on useless activities on the internet. As a result, most of the people say that the use of the internet is harmful to the students. They should know that the internet is neither bad nor good. If we are using it for useful activities, it is good for us. On the other hand, if we are using it for useless activities, it is bad for us. Here, we will discuss the top Google Chrome extensions that are helpful for the students.

Google Scholar Button:

As we know that Google is a search engine. We can use it to search for anything. If we are searching for any keyword on Google, it will focus on the whole worldwide web. As a student, you want only scholarly books, articles and documents. If you are searching keywords on the main search engine, you will not get these results. You will get the results of the personal blogs of the people. If you want to get the results of scholarly books, articles and documents, you should install this Google Chrome Extension.

If you search for anything by using this extension, it will show different results than the traditional Google search engine. Its reason is that this essential plugin works just like the University Library database. When you search for anything by using this extension, you will get the results of the scholarly books, articles and documents. After installing this extension, you can search for anything by using a specific box. If you are looking for the cross-referencing articles for the research process, this extension is also helpful to you.


It is a fact that lots of students are wasting their valuable time on time-wasting websites. When they are wasting time on these websites, they don’t even know how quickly time is passing. As a result, they can’t pay attention to the main task. That’s why it is also necessary for the students to install this extension. The main task of this extension is to stay focused on the users on the important tasks. For this reason, this extension limits the time of the students on time-wasting websites. By using this extension, users can also increase their productivity.

This essential extension acts just like your parents. As your parents are allocating a specific amount of time for watching TV, this extension is limiting the time that you are spending on the time-wasting websites. For this reason, you should set the limit for the use of the time-wasting websites. Once, you have crossed this limit, these websites will remain blocked for the rest of the day. If these websites are blocked on your system, you can open only educational websites. You can complete your assignments within the allocated time.

Grammarly for Chrome:

As a student, you will have to spend enough time on writing along with reading. Its reason is that by reading the material, you can only get views about the required topic. After getting these views about the topic, you will have to express these views in your words. If you are writing an assignment, coursework or dissertation, your advisors will not bear grammatical mistakes in your academic paper.

To write academic papers without grammatical mistakes, you will have to improve your writing skills. The best way to improve your writing skills is to install Grammarly extension in Google Chrome as suggested by experts of an assignment help firm. After installing this extension, it will highlight the mistakes when you write anything on Google. Along with highlighting the mistakes, this extension also provides you with the best suggestions. If you are improving your writing while using the internet, it means that you are also increasing your productivity.


As a student, you will have to perform lots of tasks. For this reason, you will have to create a to-do list and you will have to allocate specific time for each task. After creating this to-do list, it is also difficult for you to follow this to-do list while using the internet. Its reason is that while using the internet, you can involve yourself in some other activities. If you are not managing time, it means that you can’t increase productivity.

By installing this extension in Google Chrome, you can get rid of this problem. Its reason is that you don’t worry about the management of the to-do list. This extension has the best task manager that can manage all the tasks. It is a lightweight extension and it can track all the tasks within the Google Chrome. It is a paid extension. Anyhow, you will get the full worth of your money.

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It is also a simple and lightweight Google Chrome Extension. This essential extension can increase your productivity. For this reason, it opens the pleasant windows on your browser. To get the required benefits from this extension, you will have to set the focus for the day. When you open the browser, it will send a reminder about your focused task. Along with this extension, you will also get some other tools. These tools are helpful to you to increase your productivity. If you want to use these tools, you will have to buy its premium plan. Anyhow, in its free version, you will also get the same results.

Night Eye:

As a student, you will have to read late at night. If you are reading late at night, you will have to face the low-light issues. As we know that if you study early in the morning, you will pay enough attention to the studies. You will also stay more focused on the studies. If you are not an early riser, you will have to study late at night. Under such a situation, this is the best extension for you. When you install this extension on Google Chrome, it will enable the dark mode on all the websites. The dark view of the websites will not last enough impact on your eyes.

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