Write a Story

Stories are the part of student life. Even small kids, love short stories. There are many short story writers, who wrote very beautiful, full of moral lessons stories. Some famous writers of stories who enhance their stories for readers to entertain them like; Minshi Premchand, Amy Levy, Elizabeth Geskall, Henry Lawson, James Joyce so on and so forth. Stories are the one of the genre of English literature. You need to be very much cognizant to write, story about certain things.

To write a proper narrative style story you have to add many things in it to beautify it. There are different kinds of stories like; horror stories, stories with tragic ends, stories with happy ending, stories with mysterious endings, real life based stories and so on.

In mandate to write an interesting story the narrator needs nourishment his/her story with innovative stylistic devices and with interesting themes in it. Writers also add different elements in their write-ups to make them more inventive and fascinating. A good story is the one that catches the attention of the readers to complete it in just one sitting.

To write an excellent and interesting story you are supposed to follow certain rules and regulations. If you are writing about your personal experiences or events in the story you will use first person narration. Always use past tense while writing a narrative story.

A good story is always the one that makes the readers, as if they are watching a movie. It should be very realistic in its setting, actions, themes and characters. If you are writing a story you need to add extra material in it to make it realistic. Even though it might not a real story, but you ought to make it real. So that it catches the interest of the readers.

You are supposed to describe each and every single setting in your story. Describe the characteristics of the characters in detail. Always use your five senses to describe the things and make your reader to know about that you have used your five senses in your story.

Make sure that you are also adding up the positive and negative aspects of any society, culture and politics. You can write your story as a satire or irony on the society. Also try to compose each and every thing according to well structured plot. Try to settle down the events according to proper time.

You ought to be very clear about the proper pattern of academic cheap essay writing service. And also the pattern of story writing. You should write proper introduction, plot (rising action, conflict, falling action) exposition and in the end conclusion or the moral of the story.

Last but not the least, bash to use short and proper sentences, focus on your correct grammar and other things related to writing style. To write a perfect story you need to be very careful about all of these things. It really helps you and your readers to understand the situation under which story has been written.